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Get Clients with LinkedIn (without being spammy)

With only part time effort, convert half of your one-on-one consultations from 8% of 25 weekly connections; that's 1 new client every week - 52 brand new clients in just one year - part time, with free tools!

    Gain Access to our Proven Process that Not Only Works But Saves Time.

    Enjoy a Conversation with Your Best Prospects with the Process that Works and a Tool that Saves Time.

    Gain Access to our Proven Process that Not Only Works But Saves Time.

    Is a Free Tool and Part Time Effort worth 52 Clients (or More) per Year?

    Put just a little more effort into this system, and you'll be looking at closer to 5-8 consultation meetings each WEEK.


    This is a free worksheet that has automatic follow up calculations and conditional formatting to know, at a glance, what you need to do today. Be sure to watch the overview videos we provide on the tabs with the worksheet.

    • Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Find People to Connect With

      Send connection requests each week to the right people. Our training will show you how to set your daily tasks.

    • Add Newly Accepted Connections to the Worksheet

      The worksheet is color coded and organized to make daily tasks easier and obvious so you can punch through them. Or we'll automate it and help you close a lot more deals!

    • Keep up with New Connections

      Of the50-60% of the leads that accept our connection requests, 30-40% reply to messages! About 8% turn into consultation meetings.

    • Set Consultations or Other First Step Meetings

      Get ready to fill your calendar.

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